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**** Developed for all Samsung devices provided with AMOLED/SuperAMOLED screens ******** ROOT PERMISSIONS REQUIRED ******** Enforcing SELinux could interfere with the App, so I suggest to set it to Permissive ******** A compatible Kernel is required for Advanced Settings only ******** Android Lollipop 5.x and Marshmallow 6.x supported ****(Tested on Galaxy Note 2 with different ROM/Android/Kernel versions. I don't know if it works on devices different from Samsung Galaxy series)**** PLEASE READ "USAGE" INSTRUCTIONS BELOW ****(If you have problems please consider to write me)This App is intended to change Color Mode in all Samsung compatible devices which have an UNNATURAL and intense display color.Usually all "AMOLED" displays, and its evolution called "SuperAMOLED", suffers of over saturated colors resulting in an unnatural colors when using an Unofficial ROM.Almost every Unofficial ROMs is currently using default colors mode, so the over saturated colors affects most of devices which are using these ROMs.With this App you can change Color Mode using two Presets ("Natural Color" and "Film Mode") or, if a supported Kernel is in use, you can manually set all color channels saturation values and change/swap BGR (Blue-Green-Red) parts for each subpixel of screen.Advanced Settings allows you to manually choose Colors Tone for each BGR Channel or swapping colors (i.e.: swap Green with Blue or any other combination)- NO filtered/transparent layer is used- it NOT drains battery- it's NOT invasive- NO ads or similar stuff is used*********************************** USAGE ***********************************To avoid using one App for "setting last saved value without open any window" and another one for "open Settings window" I choosed this App behavior:1) run the App2) first run ONLY sets last saved value3) next launches within 30 seconds will open the Settings4) subsequent launches within 30 seconds will do #35) if 30 seconds are passed, the next launch will do #2